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First of all the code for aes cryptographic function :

xorcrypto(u_int8_t *key, u_int32_t keylen,
    u_int8_t *data, u_int32_t datalen)

/*u_int8_t ....etc are alias for uint8_t...etc so don't bother about them*/

FILE *fp,*fq,*fr;
int i;
fwrite((char *)key,keylen,1,fp);
fwrite((char *)data,datalen,1,fq);


system("sudo openssl enc -aes-256-cbc -salt -in file.txt
-out file.enc -pass file:key");

/* Here is the code section i need*/


What i need in the code section i have specified above is that it should be able to
fill/change the data (pointed by u_int8_t*data) with the contents of file file.enc

Don't worry about the data length actually the input it is taking is from a n/w ip
packet so it has provision for data upto 1024 bytes and file contents are never going to exceed this limit.

Here is my attempt for it (also for debugging purpose i need to mention the contents of file.enc as well as data section to stdout)



while( (ch=fgetc(fr))==EOF) {

puts((char *)data);

Here are some output snapshots which may help .....

udit@udit-Dabba ~/Downloads/sendip-2.5-mec-2/mec $ cat key

udit@udit-Dabba ~/Downloads/sendip-2.5-mec-2/mec $ cat file.txt

udit@udit-Dabba ~/Downloads/sendip-2.5-mec-2/mec $ cat file.enc

udit@udit-Dabba ~/Downloads/sendip-2.5-mec-2/mec $ hexdump -C file.enc 
00000000  53 61 6c 74 65 64 5f 5f  b6 f2 b2 d0 61 d9 64 1c  |Salted__....a.d.|
00000010  52 e0 50 96 e8 6c 0e c0  43 2d 3c c4 f6 79 1b d2  |R.P..l..C-<..y..|
00000020  4f 5e 5a b1 d6 2f 61 f8  15 f6 33 e1 88 f0 db 51  |O^Z../a...3....Q|
udit@udit-Dabba ~/Downloads/sendip-2.5-mec-2/mec $ 

The functon is unable to change the contents of pointed location (u_int8_t *data) and so was unable to write data on stdout puts(data).

Please help me on this ...if any further information needed about this i will add it.

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Try changing

while( (ch=fgetc(fr))==EOF)


while( (ch=fgetc(fr))!=EOF)
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how stupid i am.......thnx it worked – Udit Gupta Oct 2 '11 at 13:49
althoguh some memory leakage problem but thats not part of this thread i will try my hand on that and if unable to solve that will post new thread for that. – Udit Gupta Oct 2 '11 at 13:50
no issue .. and btw: you are aware that you could call the crypto methods (which are used by the process you are spawing) directly from your source? – alk Oct 2 '11 at 14:05

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