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Does fluent nHibernate play well when using interfaces instead of concrete classes as properties?

E.g. A sports stadium has a reference to a city that it is in, so our interfaces/concrete classes looks as follows


  int Id;  
  string Name;  

 int Id;  
 string Name;  
 ICity City;

Concrete class:

class City: ICity;  

class Stadium: IStadium;
  public virtual int Id {get; private set; }  
  public virtual string Name { get; set; }
  public virtual ICity City { get; set; } //<- NOTE: Reference to interface instead of the class


public class StadiumMap : ClassMap<Stadium>
    public StadiumMap() 
       References(x => x.City).Column("Id");

So will the above work fine in fluent nhibernate or will I have to replace my "ICity" with "City"?

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A little off topic but I doubt your domain classes are benefiting from implementing interfaces. James Gregory said it best.

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Thanks for pointing out that link. That thread is indeed useful. However its not a case of if my domain classes are benefitting from implementing interfaces but its a case of "will it work"?. I will investigate the issue further drawing from a comment made further in the thread stackoverflow.com/questions/845536/… –  Eminem Oct 3 '11 at 21:59

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