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I have been able to get the jQuery autosuggest working without any problems, and I was just wondering if the results can be based on a combination of 2 form fields?

Let me try and explain a little better! I have a form with a keyword text entry box and a select list with a list of countries.

I'd like to provide suggestions for the chosen keyword search term, but also limit those suggestions to the country chosen from the dropdown (if changed) this possible?

I hope I have explained my question okay! Any advice on this would be most appreciated!

cheers! Declan

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You can combine the value of the dropdown with what the user types into the textbox and submit it as one string to your PHP/ASP server-side code. For example, something like this:


function fetchKeywords()
    var string=$("#textbox").val() + "||" + $("#select").val();

This would give you a string such as "My keyword||USA". You could then use the explode() (if using PHP), or String.split() function to split the keyword and country code using the || seperator.

Note: I haven't used this particular jquery plugin, so you'll have to change the fetchKeywords() function a bit to make it work with that plugin.

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