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When using Eclipse Google plugin, when you create a gwt uibinder pair, you get a java bean file and its corresponding .ui.xml template file.

I believe I used to be able to do this in Eclipse Helios: Right-click on the java bean of a uibinder set, refactor to rename it, I could config the refactor dialog to also rename the .ui.xml template file.

Recently, I have been using Eclipse 3.7.0 and latest GPE. I am no longer able to do that. May be I forgot how to do it. Somebody please remind me how - thanks.

e.g. rename the uibinder pair, Hello.ui.xml

to, Bello.ui.xml

Perhaps, it had never been possible in the first place and I had remembered wrongly.

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I've not noticed that capability, and I just tried it out, and renaming either the java or the ui.xml leaves you with an error until you rename the other file. Note that it isn't a given that the code is mapped to file.ui.xml, since the design could use @UiTemplate to link to somethingelse.ui.xml. That might be the reason for this not to work. Changing a ui.xml file name automatically like that could cause a big cascade of changes.

But there is some refactoring.

What the refactoring is capable of doing it tracking changes to @UiField names. If I rename (using Alt-R) a field in my file that has been annotated with @UiField, the ui:field in the ui.xml file is changed as well.

Now here's a tricky bit. Let's say I have, foo.ui.xml, and, with using the foo.ui.xml UI template (via the @UiTemplate annotation). The ui.xml file has a Button call bar, so each of and have @UiField("bar") Button bar. Follow me so far?

In Eclipse, I open, and using Alt-R I change bar to baz. The ui.xml file has its ui:field="bar" changed to ui:field="baz", and all annotations within that reference bar (such as @UiField and @UiHandler) are updated to reference baz. But the code in is not changed, and there is now an error I need to fix. still expects to see a button called bar inside of foo.ui.xml.

Similarly, if I open, and using Alt-R I change bar to baz, the ui:field="bar" in foo.ui.xml is not changed, and you now have an error.

Not sure if any of this is documented somewhere. Maybe you vaguely remembered this refactoring.

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