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Currently learning PHP with RegEx and I want to extract the DAX value from a website.
Got the website source with file_get_contents and then cleaned up the tags with strip_tags.

The block that contains the string i want is this one: Dax5.502-2,4%

but i just need the value 5.502

The regex code I have so far is '/@Dax\d.\d\d\d[+-]\d,\d[%]$/'

But it doesnt work. can anyone tell me how to do this correctly.

Thanks :)

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your result will be the number

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Got it with a combination of yours and Kolinks answers :). /Dax([0-9].[0-9]{3})-/ Thanks a lot :) – Drunkendo Oct 2 '11 at 16:31


With that (which is all you need), your result will be the number.

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Thanks for answer :) but doesn't work yet. what about the -2,4% at the end of the line? There is no space between them. – Drunkendo Oct 2 '11 at 16:16

You do not need to use a regular expression to parse the formatted string, sscanfDocs looks like a more fitting way to parse the float value (Demo):

$str = 'Dax5.502-2,4%';

sscanf($str, 'Dax%f', $value);

echo $value; # 5.502
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