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I must be missing something here, but how do I call something like "cd /root/some/dir/" with Ganymed SSH API?

  1. I created a Connection object

  2. In the first session created, I called "cd /root/some/dir"

  3. In the second session created, I called "ls ." or "./myApp"

That didnt work, because ganymed probably starts each session with its own directory

So do I need to perform both commands on the same session? something like:

session.getStdin().write("cd /root/somedir \n".getBytes());
session.getStdin().write("ls . ".getBytes());

Is that the correct way?? if so, why do we need Session.execCommand?

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I have never used this specific library but did you try to obtain STDIN once, store it into variable and then use it? –  AlexR Oct 2 '11 at 16:39

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After doing some research, the only good solution I managed to find is calling the "cd" command within the same code as the "ls" command, like this

session.execCommand("cd /root/somedir ; ls .");

The semicolon will separate the two commands as in any bash code.

In this way, you can query the session's result [session.getExitStatus()] of both the cd and ls commands, which is much better then writing the two commands to session.getStdIn() (after writing to stdin, you kinda loose all the ability to check for exit status...)

Hope this will help the rest


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OK, I took a quick look on the Ganymed javadoc and although I did not try it myself I assume that you should use method execCommand() of session instead of writing into the STDIN. I am pretty sure that session is connected to remote shell and therefore handles the shell state including current directory, environment variables etc.

So, just do the following:

session.execCommand("cd /root/somedir \n".getBytes());
session.execCommand("ls . ".getBytes());

I hope this will work for you. Good luck.

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Alex, I'm afraid there's no out-of-the-api-box solution for this question... I've been through the API back and forth for weeks... the code you suggested won't even compile, and after fixing it, will fail on the the basic concepts of Ganymed SSH –  Eyal Katz Oct 2 '11 at 21:02

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