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As you know, a split view controller has one root controller and one detail view controller only, but I want to use another detail view controller.

When I select the list items from the root controller (popover controller), the selection should fire different detail views -- i.e., row1 fires detail view1, row2 fires detail view2 and a button item fires detail view3, etc. How can I achieve this?

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There's a project from Apple that covers exactly what you need. MultipleDetailViews

This sample shows how you can use UISplitViewController to manage multiple detail views.

The application uses a split view controller with a table view controller as the root view controller. When you make a selection in the table view, a new view controller is created and set as the split view controller's second view controller.

The root view controller defines a protocol (SubstitutableDetailViewController) that detail view controllers must adopt. The protocol specifies methods to hide and show the bar button item controlling the popover.

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That project from Apple is from 2012 and doesn't use storyboards. If you are looking for a non-storyboarded solution, it will work fine but in Xcode 6 you should be taking advantage of the new Show Detail segue in storyboards.

Here's a quick example project that shows how to use multiple detail view controllers on the same split view by using the Show Detail segue from the Master View Controller.

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