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I'd like to replace lines like the following:

 Debug.Assert(value == 10.01);

with a line like the following:

 MyAssert.Equals(value, 10.01);

What is the regular expression to perform this, in Visual Studio Studio 2010?


There is 1000x instances, each with a different first and second parameter. This problem requires some form of search/replace regular expression.

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What have you tried, and which part is causing you problems? Here's a resource on regular expressions in visual studio: – Merlyn Morgan-Graham Oct 2 '11 at 19:24
And here's a tutorial (edit: tho partly a product ad - sorry about that. No I don't recommend that product. Anyone got a better tutorial?) on how regular expressions work (so the VS reference will help you) - – Merlyn Morgan-Graham Oct 2 '11 at 19:24
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try this:


Debug.Assert\({[^]*} == {[^)]*}\)

Replace With:

MyAssert.Equals(\1, \2);
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Brilliant - this worked like a charm in Visual Studio!! – Contango Oct 2 '11 at 19:44

You can replace

Debug.Assert(value == 



May not need any regex.

Edit -

So you can use reqex e.g.

Debug.Assert\((.*) ==

and replacement string

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This actually would work, you just do Debug.Assert( and MyAssert.Equals( and then you'll have some errors to resolve. – Kevek Oct 2 '11 at 19:35
Added a regex as well. – Jayendra Oct 2 '11 at 19:40
Cheers, I get the basic idea of how it works now. What were you using for your RegEx parser? Visual Studio uses \1 and \2 for the replacement strings, instead of $1 and $2. – Contango Oct 2 '11 at 19:45
great ... yup some work with $ and some with \. I tested regex on the online site. Not sure for Visual studio. – Jayendra Oct 2 '11 at 19:51

I think you what you want to do is following:
Find all Debug.Assert(<someName> == <someValue>); and replace ist with MyAssert.Equals(<someName>,<someValue>);
With a search replace you couldn't keep the someName.
I would try it with
Search: Debug.Assert\({[\S]+} == {[^)]+}\);
Replace:MyAssert.Equals\(\1, \2\);
But i have no VS (OSX) to try it :-)

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In Visual Studio 2012, you use the $ sign to enter a matched group.


Find .([a-zA-Z]*)XYZ

Replace .$1ABC

This regex find/replace will replace all the fields suffixed with XYZ and change then to fields suffixed with ABC.

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