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The simplified situation is this: consider a blog that is build as an MVC project. The YII blog-example is fine for this, but the question is not framework specific: It is nothing special; you have a table with posts and a page build from:

  • a model (YII will give you a basic active-record setup)
  • a controller that for instance builds the index (list of all posts)
  • a view (or some views) that build the actual HTML in the end.

Now I have a working blog, but I also have an external source of information that I want to introduce to this same page: for example an RSS feed.

How do I add this new datasource?

Possible sollutions
To clarify what I am struggling with, here are some things I am considering

  • Make a new model that gets its information from both sources
    • Feels like the way of least resistance/work
    • It would need to sort the blogposts and RSS items by date
    • It might need to give some sort of flag about what kind of item it is (An RSS item might not have an author, but it does have a source).
    • The fact that above flag feels neccessairy makes me believe these should be 2 models.
  • Make a new model for the RSS and make a controller that combines the two sources and feeds it to a view that can handle both types of post
  • Something more complicated (maybe more framework specific), but the current view of a post is just one view for one post, and it gets repeated. Instead of one view that handles both types you might want not only a model, but also a view for your RSS, and a controller(?) that does all the mixing and matching?

Framework notes:
I'm using YII, but it's not really about YII. Ofcourse if something complicated is to be done I will have to implement it in YII, but it's about the design and the MVC pattern, not about where to put the ; ;D

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I'm not really sure why the mvc tag was edited out and the rss tag was edited in. The question is about how to design something with multiple sources in an MVC patterned project, and the rss example was just that: an example. –  Nanne Oct 11 '13 at 9:41

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u can hve something like this (I too use yii so the following code follows yii framework)

class XyzController extends CController
    public function actionAbc()
            'model1'=>$model1,//for posts frm table
                        'model2'=>$model2 //for rss feed


for better understanding try to render two separate views for each type of post inside the parent view "viewname"

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Hmm, interesting. Any ideas on how to go about sorting in the view? –  Nanne Oct 4 '11 at 16:49
do u want to sort both the source in to single list? –  iThink Oct 4 '11 at 16:53
Yes, that would be the object in the end –  Nanne Oct 4 '11 at 16:56
as both model's data r in the form of array u can merge & sort(or there may b something like merging two model).. bt u knw in whatevr way u do u cannot use yii's pagination class & evn if u write something on ur own u need to first get all the data from two different source(as they r independent of each othr) so the actual use of pagination will b lost i.e. to fetch data in slots in order to reduce execution time. Its a bummer that one model can use one source only.What u say? –  iThink Oct 4 '11 at 17:11
@Pooja hey, i'm new to Yii. Can't you fetch the data according to the sort criteria? And then feed the retrieved data into the pagination array? –  bool.dev Oct 4 '11 at 17:38

If i had to do it, i would make a new controller for the view, and use two models.

  • I am very new to the mvc pattern, however from what i have gathered till now, it feels like any model should limit itself to only one data source. Also in addition to the CRUD operations, the "business logic" (if any) , should be included within that model. Business logic here would mean logic that applies to the data source pertaining to the web app, i.e the things that you have mentioned, like sorting RSS by date.

  • Create a controller that accesses these two models, to populate your view(s).

  • Finally the best way to organize these components/modules/parts of the mvc, with respect to Yii, depends on your app requirements, and ux.

Now, i think you should put this question in the programmers site also.
Hope this helps!
Edit: Not too sure where to put the sorting, controller or view.

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You can argue about what a datasource is. If It is the same actual content (simple example: persons with a name and an email adress) you would want to work with one model in your code that works on this data, apart from where the data comes from? If the data is actual differently in use, you want seperate models, but if they are arguably the same you might not want it. The sorting is about sorting the both sources into 1 list. So if you state you want 2 models, you can by definition not do this sorting in the model. –  Nanne Oct 4 '11 at 16:35
Hmm, i think i understand what you are trying to get at. So i think we have to think about how the two datasources are related, and this relation will be fully dependent on the goals of the app, right. The sorting was just an example, i didn't know you wanted to sort the rss and blog into a single list. –  bool.dev Oct 4 '11 at 17:03
Now i think sorting is only ui so need not be part of model anyway :) –  bool.dev Oct 4 '11 at 17:17

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