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Based on my previous question, it looks like emedded resources are not going to work in my project. So plan #2 is to use regular resources via a resx file.

The core of my question is: is it possible to write a function that will take a string key, and return that resource? I tried this with reflection, but I couldn't get it to work.

Here's a sample of how I would like it to work. Let's say I have a Resources.resx file, which has two file resources: MainMap and OverWorld. I would like to write the function that works like:

string mainMapContent = getFromResources("MainMap"); // => returns Resources.MainMap
string overWorldCOntent = getFromResoures("OverWOrld"); // => returns Resources.OverWorld

I tried using reflection to create an instance of the Resources class, but bailed out when I realized the constructor is internal and there's no empty constructor I can use.

Is there a way to write this getFromResources function? I can't figure it out.

Note: I will probably put this into a library if I can do it; it needs to work with the Silverlight runtime, too.

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The strongly typed resource class that is generated through code-generation is based on the untyped ResourceManager class. You should be able to use ResourceManager.GetObject

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Thanks, it worked. The only trick was the constructor, which takes the resource-holder's type. Easy breezy after that. –  ashes999 Oct 3 '11 at 20:32

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