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Is it possible to prevent colorbox from being closed? I am using as a loading screen for a server side processing script and don't want it to be closed until finished.

    $("#songPayBtn").click(function() {


    onClosed:function(){ <?php echo "window.location = \"" . $_SESSION['trackid'] . "\"";?> }
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It is indeed. From the author himself, you redefine the close method before anything is initialized:

$.fn.colorbox.close = function(){};

He's very clear that this has to occur before the $(document).ready() function since it's during this that colorbox will take care of assigning its close method to elements and events.

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This no longer has to be done before DOM ready, it can be done at any time. But that was exactly the right thing to do. – Jack Oct 10 '11 at 6:03
@Jack thanks and I appreciate the work you've done on this plugin. Definitely helped me out on a few projects. – Pat Oct 10 '11 at 13:46
Link is broken. – usandfriends Jul 18 '14 at 23:11

You can prevent your colorbox from closing and hide the close button by adding these options:

    escKey: false, //escape key will not close
    overlayClose: false, //clicking background will not close
    closeButton: false // hide the close button

This will also allow you to still use the $.colorbox.close() method when you are ready to close your colorbox.

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It would also appear from the docs that there is a parameter to hide the close button - closeButton: false, – mjr Nov 13 at 17:28
@mjr, right you are! Haven't used it myself for a while. Great stuff, thanks for pointing out the update! – Donamite Nov 13 at 19:43

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