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Is it possible to prevent colorbox from being closed? I am using as a loading screen for a server side processing script and don't want it to be closed until finished.

    $("#songPayBtn").click(function() {


    onClosed:function(){ <?php echo "window.location = \"http://rt.ja.com/trackdownload.php?trackid=" . $_SESSION['trackid'] . "\"";?> }
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I have used colorbox for a similar situation. You can of course override the close function, but if you only want this to apply to one colorbox instance that may not be what you want. On single instances (or jquery collections) you can prevent closing by adding some options:

    onClosed:function(){ <?php echo "window.location = \"http://rt.ja.com/trackdownload.php?trackid=" . $_SESSION['trackid'] . "\"";?> },

    escKey: false, //escape key will not close
    overlayClose: false, //clicking background will not close
    onLoad: function() {
        $('#cboxClose').hide();//do not show close button until ready

        //this code should be placed in your success callback, it's only here as a demo
        setTimeout(function() {
        }, 5000);

If you'd like to use colorbox's loading spinner, you could do that as well by placing this wherever you need it:

$('#cboxLoadingGraphic').fadeIn(); //or just show()

Also, I used $.colorbox() here, but it works just the same as $.fn.colorbox().

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It is indeed. From the author himself, you redefine the close method before anything is initialized:

$.fn.colorbox.close = function(){};

He's very clear that this has to occur before the $(document).ready() function since it's during this that colorbox will take care of assigning its close method to elements and events.

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This no longer has to be done before DOM ready, it can be done at any time. But that was exactly the right thing to do. –  Jack Oct 10 '11 at 6:03
@Jack thanks and I appreciate the work you've done on this plugin. Definitely helped me out on a few projects. –  Pat Oct 10 '11 at 13:46
Link is broken. –  usandfriends Jul 18 '14 at 23:11

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