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I am trying to use Yahoo pipes and remove everything from "Article" till the end of the page. If I use Regex exp Article.+ I can extract everything till the end of line which is till "2011

" . But I need to extract till the end of the page which is till "url.replace" What am I doing wrong. I am using which is awesome

Here is what the section of the page looks like This Article was reviewed by Brown Last updated on: Oct 2, 2011

'; _url = _url.replace

Thanks Hil

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You should probably edit this question to include the text you're matching and a link to your pipe – pguardiario Oct 3 '11 at 7:08

I think I got it: query string is: Article.+

this will extract till end of line If one wants to extract till end of page use the S checkbox in Yahoo Pipes

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