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Right now, Reddit is down. Every time you go to it, it displays a logo and below it a funny message. Every time you refresh the page it displays a new message.

alt text

How could I write something simple that ~rotates~ (not random) a line of text on the page every refresh?

I'm using ASP.NET MVC but if there is a JavaScript solution to this problem that is fine too.

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This is how you could write it:

For javascript, simply use the link posted by Andy White and replace the call to Math.floor(7*Math.random()) to a get/set cookie value. You can find ready-to-use javascript functions to read and write cookies on google.

For asp.net mvc, the code won't differ a lot, you just have to look for functions to easily manipulate cookies as they are built-in.

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Here's an example of how to do it in javascript:


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Sorry, but I tried to specify in my post i'm ~not~ looking for random. Thanks anyway though –  Mithrax Apr 18 '09 at 7:20

Load your message into an array or some sort of collection that is accessible by index.

Something like (i did not verify all syntax):

string getQuote(){
 //Load collection of lines
  ArrayList quotes = getQuotesData();
  int quoteCount = quotes.Count;

 // Set session or application variable to some number
  int counter;
  if( !Integer.parse( Session("counter"), counter ) ) { counter = 0; }
  if( counter > quoteCount ) { counter = 0; }

  return quotes[counter];

Also, I'm sure something similar is possible in javascript.

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