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I know other posts have been made regarding this, but so far the answers I've seen have not been helpful, and slightly different from my situation.

window.BotView = Backbone.View.extend
  initialize: ->
    _.bindAll @, 'alert', 'render'
    @el # by calling this here, it initializes the jQuery object

  el: $("#submit")

  model: Chatbot

    "click #submit" : "alert"

  alert: ->
    console.log("alert called")
    alert("event observed")

  render: ->

jQuery ->
  window.App = new BotView
  console.log App.el

All I want is when I click on the submit button with the id of submit for it to fire the alert function. However, I can't even get this to work.

What is going on with the events that my simple click handler on #submit isn't working?

I have double checked that my el is properly initialized, but even so, it should not matter because the click handler is not using el

Could anyone shed some light on why this simple event is not firing?

Thanks in advance

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In your events you are saying, in the #submit element, look for an element that gets clicked with the ID of #submit. Change it to

'click' : 'alert'

and it should work fine.

The jQuery equivalent of what you have above is this:

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Duh! Awesome, thank you! –  Ben Oct 3 '11 at 4:03
Actually, a more precise translation is $('#submit').delegate('#submit', 'click')... not that it matters in this case, but it's a common point of confusion. –  Trevor Burnham Oct 3 '11 at 15:53

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