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I have these two functions:

var $mainEdit= $("#main-edit");

    function getSelText()
        var txt = '';
         if (window.getSelection)
            txt = window.getSelection();
        else if (document.getSelection)
            txt = document.getSelection();
        else if (document.selection)
            txt = document.selection.createRange().text;
        else return;
    return $("#clipboard").val(txt);

What I want to do, is on the keyup event...the highlighted elements would be removed.

So if I had this html:


and highlighted a and b, on the keyup event, the first two spans would be removed.

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Here's a cross-browser function for deleting selected content:

function deleteSelected() {
    if (window.getSelection()) {
    } else if (document.selection) {

Hooking it up to the keyup event:

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