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This is a simple question that hopefully has a similar simple answer to it as well.

If the id of a div selector is stored in a string, how can I select the div object dynamically.

This is what I currently do, and I am convinced that jQuery must have its own way of doing this:

<div id="boo">Some content...</div>

var divName = 'boo';
var divObj  = $('#' + divName);  // I really don't like the concatenation of '#'
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That looks like the right way to me. – Jonathan Rupp Apr 18 '09 at 8:41

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I assume you mean the id of the div, which is actually different to the name, but what you've got there is accurate and not that intrusive. I'd stick with that.

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You could also make a simple helper function if you want to:

var $E = function( id ) {
    return jQuery('#' + id);
// usage:
$E('myElement').css('background-color', 'red');
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If you really talking about ID, not name attribute, than mentione by you example is good way to do it, I don't see anything mad in this solution.

If you want to use name attribute than do it like this:

var divObj = $("div[name='"+ divName +"']");

But name attribute is usually used in form input fields.

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