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I have

imap jk <C-[>

in my vimrc, but when I use it on the end of line (when cursor is on $ when list is on) cursor goes to beginning of next line. How to fix it?

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It works normally for me.

I assume interfering mappings or settings.

First you should try

:inoremap jk <C-[>

can you provide more details

  • version
  • verbose set 1
  • map j
  • map k
  • map jk

I have a hunch it might be the virtualedit settings or stuff like that interfering

1 get it with

:redir >> ~/file.log
:verbose set
:redir END

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:inoremap jk <C-[> works, thanks! – Sławosz Oct 3 '11 at 6:55
thanks, I had similar problem, and this solved it. – fast tooth Jul 16 '14 at 23:35

I had the same problem and figured out that the described effect appears when you accidentally map

:inoremap jk <Esc> "comment => maped to '<Esc> '

Which would be EscSpace

Or if you have a trailing whitespace in this line. This can be observed by setting

:set list
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First hack is:

imap jk <Left><C-[>

But maybe there is better solution?

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