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I am developing WPF application which will be executing on the 21-inch touch-screen.

Along with ListBoxes in my application I have vertical scroll-bars for each of them. What I want is to get rid of those scroll-bars and just allow user to scroll naturally by touching lists itself. How can I achieve that? Is there out-of-the-box support for that in Windows 7 and .NET 4.0?

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Have a look at this similar question

Although WPF supports touch events out of the box WPF is very limited for this kind of scenario.

I am hoping for 3rd parties (or even Microsoft) to add the Windows 8/Metro touch experience to WPF

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I know this is an old question, but it came up for me first in Google. So just in case someone else comes here, the answer to this is in this SO question. Simply set the PanningMode, PanningDeceleration, and PanningRatio for the ScrollViewer.

It worked for me on a ComboBox as well.

<ComboBox ... ScrollViewer.PanningMode="VerticalOnly" />
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