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pretty new to this and have a question relating to a custom fan page tab making use of an iframe app to deliver conent (a mini website hosted on my server and pulled into the Iframe)

Is it possible to add like buttons to the mini site that when a user clicks the button, it would appear on their wall but then the link on their wall would direct users to the fan page?

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have you tried setting the href of the like button would link to the Facebook fan page? – ifaour Oct 3 '11 at 11:18
Hi, Thanks for getting back to me on this.... To get a better idea of what im trying to do, you could go to this FB page ( Here you can see that after you've liked the page there is a like button on the top left of the iframe... Actually, looking at it now, this is not a great example as im not reloading diffeent html pages here. But for example, if when clicking "Team" a new page htmlloaded up I would like to add a "Like" button to that page, so that if a user liked it, that actual page would show on their wall. make sense? – Tosh Mitsu Oct 4 '11 at 8:23

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