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in my current application i can set dataset of datasource to table component (IBdac component from Devart.com)which enable me editing the data in the dbgrid directly . uibdataset is read only which that is means it is not possible to edit any things except through update sql. how can i achieve this properties with UIB components? i'm using delphi xe, firebird2.5.

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I am not familier with UIB, but did you try to use the TUIBQuery component? In my application I always use IBQuery to modify data. Actually I use: TIBQuery -> TDataSetProvider -> TClientDataSet -> TDataSource

If you are using a TDataSetProvider you have to invoke TClientDataSet.ApplyUpdates to post the changes to underlying database.

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TUibQuery will not appear as Dataset for TDataSetProvider, so that i can't used it as you mentioned. i can use UIBDataSet but it is readOnly. –  ae1080 Oct 4 '11 at 9:01

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