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I have a div that contains allot of anchor tags.

Some of them have a img as the in side of the tag.

I need to get all of the "a" that have regular text in them not a image tag or any other HTML tag.

How can this be done with jquery.

To get them all i just do:

$(element).find('a').each(function () {

But how do i filter them using the .text() function or any thing else.

Thank you

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You can use the not and has selectors

$(element).find('a').filter(':not(:has(*))').each(function() {


That says "find a elements, then filter that selection down to those that don't have child elements". :has(*) means "select elements that have any child elements", so :not(:has(*)) means "select elements that don't have any child elements".

You can combine the two selectors:


However, this means that querySelectorAll won't work, so the selection will be considerably slower.

Live example at jsbin

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You can use the .filter method to filter the matched set of elements to contain only those with text:

$("#example").find('a').filter(function () {
    return $(this).text();
}).each(function() {
    //Do stuff

Here's a working example.

A slight problem with the above may be the fact that $(this).text() will evaluate to true if there is any text node present within the a element. That includes a single empty space. To prevent that, you may want to trim the text:

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Try this simple and easy

$(element).find('a').not(":has('img')").each(function () {
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An idea: in the each block make the check this way:

$(element).find('a').each(function () {
if($(this).text() == $(this).html())

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