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PHP5 has a "magic method" __call()that can be defined on any class that is invoked when an undefined method is called -- it is roughly equivalent to Ruby's method_missing or Perl's AUTOLOAD. Is it possible to do something like this in older versions of PHP?

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This article, Using Method Call Overloading in PHP 4 over on DevShed might help.

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The most important bit that I was missing was that __call exists in PHP4, but you must enable it on a per-class basis by calling overload(), as seen in php docs here . Unfortunately, the __call() function signatures are different between PHP4 and PHP5, and there does not seem to be a way to make an implementation that will run in both.

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I recall using it, and a little bit of googling suggests that

function __call($method_name, $parameters, &$return)
  $return_value = "You called ${method_name}!";

as a member function will do the job.

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I suspect jes5199 was thinking of the __call method when he asked if anyone knew anything like the __call method... I think "in PHP4" was the critical part of the question. –  reefnet_alex Sep 16 '08 at 20:13
Yes, and I was referring to PHP4. Note the change in signature, which changed in 5. –  Adam Wright Sep 16 '08 at 23:31
ah, it looks like you're right, but also (a vital bit that I was missing), you must use the overload("ClassName") function to enable the __call method. –  jes5199 Sep 21 '08 at 23:59

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