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I am trying out the eGalax touch screen driver for my touch screen, as an alternative to the evdev/xinput_calibrator combination.

The calibration tool that comes with the eGalax driver, TKCal, takes the device to which the touch screen is connected as a command line argument.

Now I would like to start the calibration tool from a bash script. Is there some smart way to determine the device within the script, instead of hard coding "/dev/hidraw0" as in this example:

TKCal /dev/hidraw0 Cal

I presume that I can't rely on the touch screen landing on hidraw0 every time, can I? If I run my software on a different system, with a mouse and a keyboard and touch screen, I guess I have to handle that the devices can be conneted to different hdrawX devices. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Thank you very much! /Fredrik Israelsson

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Try looking at /sys/class/hidraw/hidraw*/device/uevent.

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Thank you! I think this will do the trick! – Fredrik Israelsson Oct 3 '11 at 13:28

The guys developing the eGalax drive told be to try a much simpler solution: Write a udev rule that will map the touch screen to a device name of my choice.

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