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I have a span tag and that holds some n number of span tags.. can I get the number of span tags available with in the parent span using Jquery.


<span class="x">
    <span id="1">one</span>
    <span id="2">two</span>
    <span id="3">three</span>

now i should find the count of number of span tags inside the parent span and my output is 3 according to the above scenario.

please help me..

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my version :)

$('span.x > span').length
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I prefer this over the version I posted. +1 –  Shawn Chin Oct 3 '11 at 13:29

From the documentation you can use length or size(). You can chain jquery selectors with find to count the inner spans. For example,

  var n = $(".x").find("span").length;
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$("#id od 1st span").children("span").size();

I think this will help you.

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$('.x span').length

this should work

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