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I am developing a program to record movies. I grab video from the webcam and audio from the microphone. I want to use Webm VP8 DirectShow filter for video and Xiph Vorbis Ogg filter for audio recording.

As far as I understood - the only way to mux these streams is to put it into Webm Muxer container and get an *.webm file as output. But I want to use AVI container also.

Is it true that AVI doesn't work with VBR audio? What audio codec should I use along with VP8 to put everything into AVI container?


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Did you actually try standard AVI Mux filter to produce AVI file for you? –  Roman R. Oct 3 '11 at 9:37
Yep. With graphedit tool I couldn't even connect these filters. If connect Vorbis Encoder out pin to AVI mux - Vorbis Decoder is put automatically and connect to AVI mux through ACM wrapper. I've seen somewhere that AVI mux cannot handle VBR audio. Also, I've written the source code that use WEBMmux filter and simply saves output to avi. In that case I get an *.avi file but actually it is a WebM container.. –  Dalamber Oct 4 '11 at 1:41

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