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I'd like to know if it's possible use SQLTABLE to build up a list of images. Images are in a database table, but I don't want just a link to download.

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You can do it in a number of ways:


db.table.field.represent = lambda r, v: IMG(_src=URL('default',

# where field is the field where your picture lives.

Second is using web2py virtual fields:

class MyVirtual(object):
    def photo(self):
        return IMG(_src=URL('default', 'download', args=self.table.field))


table = SQLTABLE(db(db.table).select())

Third is using extracolumns:

myextracolumns = [{'label': 'My Photo',
                   'content': lambda row, rc: IMG(_src=URL('default',

table = SQLTABLE(rows, extracolumns=myextracolumns)
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