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In looking at the docs for Play Scala Anorm, they show specifying a alternate table name as using this syntax:

object Country extends Magic[Country]().using("Countries")

When i try to use this i get:

Error raised is : ';' expected but '.' found.

What is the correct Scala syntax for this to work?

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Well there is an error in the example. You can do

val Country = new Magic[Country]().using("Countries")

but you certainly cannot do that with an object declaration You can use another constructor of Magic

object Country extends Magic[Country](Some("Countries"))

(see object User extends Magic[User]().using("users") can not compiled)

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thanks, that appears to work, sorry for the duplicate question, searching beforehand didn't give me the linked result. –  Jason Miesionczek Oct 3 '11 at 13:17
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