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I have this string:

"{ '_id' : ObjectId('4e85ba250364e5a1857ba2e4'), 
   'message' : '<>, <action=create-flock>, 
      attendees=immediate, flockType=immediate, duration=30]>' }";

I tried following regex on it:

private static String REGEXFinal = "<(.*?)>";

private static String REGEX2Final = "<(.*)>"; 

after applying above two regex final out come is
title=[,], attendees=immediate, flockType=immediate, duration=30]

but I want O/P in key / value format like

action create-flock
title  [,], attendees=immediate, flockType=immediate, duration=30]

how to do this?

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Do you control the string? If so, you can convert the whole string to json instead and use a json parser. – dacwe Oct 3 '11 at 13:11

You can use the following code for each line:

line.replaceFirst("=", " ");
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if you got this String
title=[,], attendees=immediate, flockType=immediate, duration=30]

Then why not try to do this..

String str=" action=create-flock title=[,], attendees=immediate, flockType=immediate, duration=30]";
str = str.replaceAll("=", " ");
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They want to keep some of the '=' characters such as attendees=immediate. They just want to replace the first one per line. – Gray Oct 3 '11 at 14:33

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