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Is it possible to get Microsoft PlayReady Server to output DRM'd streams that are playable by Windows Media DRM 10-PD compatible devices?

If so, where could I find any relevant documentation?

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Isn't that a ServerFault question? – jv42 Oct 13 '11 at 15:18
Perhaps? How does moving it there work, or should I just reopen it on ServerFault as well? – qdot Oct 13 '11 at 17:37
I think you'd need a moderator, or close (off topic) votes. – jv42 Oct 14 '11 at 8:06
'This question has an open bounty and cannot be closed' :S – jv42 Oct 14 '11 at 8:06
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It is possible. You need to use so-called "cocktail licenses" and encrypt ASF (i.e. WMV) streams. The relevant documentation is part of the PlayReady Server documentation set, which unfortunately requires you to be a PlayReady Server licensee from Microsoft (you can become a licensee here, but it does cost quite a bit of money).

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PlayReady server will only deliver licenses to PlayReady clients. unfortunately any of the PD clients will not be able to talk to PlayReady Server.

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There are multiple aspects to consider here. I am not sure which one exactly the question is about, so I will cover all of them. First, some background information.

There are two types of DRM-protected WMV files:

  1. WMV files protected with Windows Media DRM
  2. WMV files protected with PlayReady

There are also two types of media players:

  1. Using the Windows Media DRM engine
  2. Using the Playready engine

And finally, there are also two types of license servers:

  1. Windows Media DRM
  2. PlayReady.

The compatibility relationships between these are the following:

  • Windows Media DRM files can be played in both types of media player.
  • PlayReady files can be played only in media players using the PlayReady engine.
  • What sort of licensing server you need depends on the media player, not the file.
  • Windows Media DRM licensing servers can only create licenses for Windows Media DRM players.
  • PlayReady licensing servers can only create licenses for media players using the PlayReady engine.

Note: I am not familiar with the differences between the different types of Windows Media DRM licenses (Portable VS Network), so there might be additional considerations

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