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I am interested in studying license management patterns and coding techniques in detail.

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It's unlikely that such a thing exists. Maybe you need a some kind of tutorial (try visiting cracker's sites first). Open source meant that:

  • usually it's prohibited to use it with proprietary code.
  • in case of non-proprietary software it usually useless.
  • anybody can compile this code by himself so what's the point to create license management software which anybody can compile by himself (open source people have better things to do than creating software protection for somebody else).
  • anybody can see code which simplifies creation of cracks (so if such a thing even exists it is useless even for educational purposes).
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See similar question here.

You might want to look at License3j

License3j is a Java library that can be used to create and assert license files.

License3j license manager is free to use for profit purposes as well under the license terms covered by LGPL.

I have not personally used it. I'm looking for a solution too, and I came across it today.

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