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I need to change the font size in an Excel combo box because the default font size is way too small. Is there a way to do this?

Combo in MS Excel sheet

This is the code I use for my macro:

Option Explicit

Sub DropDown4_Change()
    Dim comboValue As String
    Dim Key1ColumnIndex As Integer
    Dim Key2ColumnIndex As Integer
    Dim Index As Integer
    Dim comboName As String
    Dim comboName2 As String
    Dim comboID As Integer

    'You can get the name by doing something like this in the immediate window:  "? Sheet1.Shapes(1).OLEFormat.Object.Name"

     For Index = 1 To ActiveSheet.Shapes.Count
        comboName = ActiveSheet.Shapes(Index).OLEFormat.Object.Name
        If InStr(comboName, "Drop") > 0 Then
            'MsgBox InStr(comboName, "Drop")
            comboName2 = comboName
            comboID = Index
        End If

    comboValue = ActiveSheet.Shapes(comboID).ControlFormat.List(ActiveSheet.Shapes(comboID).ControlFormat.ListIndex)

    Select Case comboValue

        Case "By Keyphrase"
            Key1ColumnIndex = 18
            Key2ColumnIndex = 19
        Case "By Region"
            Key1ColumnIndex = 19
            Key2ColumnIndex = 18
        Case "Default"
            Key1ColumnIndex = 1
            Key2ColumnIndex = 1
    End Select

   Range("DataValues").sort Key1:=Range("DataValues").Cells(1, Key1ColumnIndex), _
                            Order1:=xlAscending, Header:=xlNo, DataOption1:=xlSortNormal, _
                            Key2:=Range("DataValues").Cells(1, Key2ColumnIndex), order2:=xlAscending
End Sub

Thank you.

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It can't be done

There's no formatting the font size of a forms dropdown - even programatically. If it's an absolute requirement, you'll have to switch this to an activeX control.

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