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I got my collection items like this :

hotels = Hotel.where('selection = ?', 1).limit(4)

How can I get all ids of this items without a loop? Can i use something like :

hotels.ids ? 

Thank you

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What about trying hotels.map(&:id) or hotels.map{|h| h.id }?

They both mean the same thing to Ruby, the first one is nicer to accustomed ruby-ists usually, whilst the second one is easier to understand for beginners.

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It should be hotels.map(&:id). Otherwise, I agree with the answer –  DanneManne Oct 3 '11 at 14:44
hotels.map(&:id) would be nicer. edit: outraced by @DanneManne :-) –  Benoit Garret Oct 3 '11 at 14:44
@DanneManne Good catch for the typo: bites me every time :/ –  Romain Oct 3 '11 at 14:45

You can also pull just the id's.

hotels.select(:id).where(selection: 1)
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If you only need an array with all the ids you should use pluck as it makes the right query and you don't have to use any ruby. Besides it won't have to instantiate a Hotel object for each record returned from the DB. (way faster).

Hotel.where(selection: 1).pluck(:id)
# SELECT hotels.id FROM hotels WHERE hotels.selection = 1
# => [2, 3]
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