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I'd like to have an "edit profile" page, in which the user can change the email address registered when signing up.

I'd like to have the following process:

  • the user has to input his password to confirm before he makes changes in the email field.
  • after submitting that page, the user should receive a verification mail just like Devise's default sign up.
  • the email change is completed as soon as the user clicks the verification token URL on the mail.

How would I do this?

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Does this help any? github.com/Mandaryn/devise/commit/… –  MKK Oct 4 '11 at 0:40
What if I do all following steps here, then how can I prepare the "edit profile(email)" page, in which I can change email? github.com/heimidal/devise/commit/… –  MKK Oct 4 '11 at 1:43

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I created this same flow for a site of mine. Here's an example of what you can do:

add to config/routes.rb (note that the routing could be better, but I did this a while ago)

scope :path => '/users', :controller => 'users' do
  match 'verify_email' => :verify_email, :as => 'verify_email'
  match 'edit_account_email' => :edit_account_email, :as => 'edit_account_email'
  match 'update_account_email' => :update_account_email, :as => 'update_account_email'

add to app/controllers/users_controller.rb

def edit_account_email

def update_account_email


  if @user.save
    flash[:notice]="your login email has been successfully updated."
    flash[:alert]="oops! we were unable to activate your new login email. #{@user.errors}"
  redirect_to edit_user_path


def verify_email


  UserMailer.confirm_account_email(@user, @address).deliver



class UserMailer < ActionMailer::Base

  def confirm_account_email(user, address)

    @user = user
    @address = address

    :to=>"#{user.name} <#{@address}>",
    :from=>"your name <'your_email@domain.com'>",
    :subject=>"account email confirmation for #{user.name}"




<p>you can confirm that you'd like to use this email address to log in to your account by clicking the link below:</p>

<p><%= link_to('update your email', update_account_email_url(@user, :address=>@address)) %></p>

<p>if you choose not to confirm the new address, your current login email will remain active.
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