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I've just got a Lenovo Thinkpad Slate Tablet running Android and can't for the life of me get ADB to recognise it in either Win7 or Kubuntu.

USB debugging is on in the tablet settings and when I connect the tablet to the computer the "USB Debugging Connected" message appears - so all good from the tablet side of things. The computer side of things isn't so great.

Kubuntu (my main dev machine)

I've added the vendor id to the /etc/udev/rules.d/51-android.rules file (as directed here) - have tried each of the below, one at a time, with no success.

SUBSYSTEM=="usb", SYSFS{idVendor}=="17ef", MODE="0666"

SUBSYSTEM=="usb", ATTR{idVendor}=="17EF", MODE="0666", GROUP="plugdev"

SUBSYSTEM=="usb", ATTR{idVendor}=="17EF", MODE="0666"

SUBSYSTEM=="usb", ATTR{idVendor}=="17ef", MODE="0666"

For reference I have SUBSYSTEM=="usb", ATTR{idVendor}=="18d1", MODE="0666", GROUP="plugdev" for my Nexus S and it works fine.

lsusb prints out:

root@ubuntu:/etc/udev/rules.d# lsusb
Bus 002 Device 008: ID 17ef:741b Lenovo 


Have followed these instructions and still not getting any response from adb devices.

I've restarted both machines and the tablet several times to no avail. Can anyone help?

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No need for "fixed" tag in question. PLease accept the correct answer, or add your own. –  Nanne Oct 3 '11 at 15:31

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Creating the file ~/.android/adb_usb.ini and adding the vendor id (0x17ef) and restarting adb seems to have fixed the issue in both Windows and Kubuntu.

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I had a problem with the Lenovo's page. My thinkpad was listed under portable devices and following the directions got me "Unable to find drive for your device". I was able to remedy by search internet for updates (which updated to a USB driver and this moved my Thinkpad to the other device's category in the Device Manager). I then was able to use the instructions as listed on the web page.

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Please see this question. One of the things to make sure of is that you are not using a cheap $2 knock-off USB cable. I did this once and couldn't figure out WHY my computer would not recognize my phone. Replacing the cable fixed everything.

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This has happened to me so many times! I've spent hours pulling my hair out because of cruddy cables. –  Martyn Oct 13 '11 at 17:12

I got mine to work by going to Lenovo's ADB Interface Driver - ThinkPad Tablet download page and following the installation instructions there. Worked like a charm!

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I had tried several ways, especially posts from Lenovo forum but no luck. Finally, I have found my way.

  1. Enabling USB debugging

  2. Download the driver from Lenovo, unzip and update your device driver. I think some people would be success as @Pooks answer then you can stop. Otherwise, continue as below.

  3. If latest driver does not help or Windows could not install driver for your device, let check its Hardware Ids. Mine is USB\VID_17EF&PID_741B

  4. Open the android_winusb.inf, find these settings

    [Google.NTamd64] ;Lenovo Think Tablet %SingleAdbInterface% = USB_Install, USB\VID_17EF&PID_741B %CompositeAdbInterface% = USB_Install, USB\VID_17EF&PID_741B&MI_01 %CompositeAdbInterface% = USB_Install, USB\VID_17EF&PID_741C&MI_01 %CompositeAdbInterface% = USB_Install, USB\VID_17EF&PID_741D&MI_02 %CompositeAdbInterface% = USB_Install, USB\VID_17EF&PID_741E&MI_02

Mine is USB\VID_17EF&PID_741B, so I just remove the rest. Now it looks like

;Lenovo Think Tablet
%SingleAdbInterface% = USB_Install, USB\VID_17EF&PID_741B
%CompositeAdbInterface% = USB_Install, USB\VID_17EF&PID_741B&MI_01

For now, just update your driver again. Windows should install your device properly. You can check the device connection by ADB devices, mine is

C:\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools>adb devices
List of devices attached 
MP0398W device
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