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Problem: Add 2x boost on documents with category=999. Solr vesion: 3.2

Tried to use:

  • bq component bq=category_id:999^2

-> it is not acceptable as it generates an additive (not multiplicative) boost

-> the term query does not return 1 or 0, but a lucene score that must be normalized

  • IF function

-> not yet in solr 3.2, will be available on next release: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/SOLR-2136

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Have you tried the additive boost and found it failing? My experience is that that method works just fine in most cases.

If you want to, you can simplify the scoring formula as sum_t match(t) * boost(t) with match(x) in {0,1} then the query foo (+foo +category:9999) doubles the score relative to foo. The actual scoring formula has normalization terms etc. which will probably make exactly doubling impossible, but if you're really motivated you may be able to work it out - the formula is here.

You can always write your own Weight class, of course.

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