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I have my Wicket 1.4 code to have a link to download a file which is generated programatically:

protected class MyWebResource extends WebResource {
    public IResourceStream getResourceStream() {
        return new StringResourceStream(myString, "text/plain");

ResourceLink<?> downloadLink = 
   new ResourceLink<Object>("downloadLink", new MyWebResource());

Everything was good. Now I've upgrade to Wicket 1.5. Now WebResource doesn't exist any more.

I've searched the web for ages, surely this must be a simple problem which has a simple solution? Alas I can't find it.

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The replacement is AbstractResource. Basically you should create ResourceResponse and do what you did in its WriteCallback. See the specializations of AbstractResource in Wicket's code for examples. See as well.

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Hello martin. I am new to wicket and couldn't getting desired result through that example. Could u please elaborate linking part for me. Is it generating image on wicket page or simply providing a link because what I am getting is a link. – CODE FISH Dec 20 '12 at 7:32

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