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I'm quite new to ruby and I'm blocking on this simple issue:

I have the following hash:


I would like to add a line "current_editor" at each level, to get the following hash:

theData"=>{"586"=>{"status"=>"0", "current_editor" => "3"},
           "585"=>{"status"=>"0", "current_editor" => "3"}}

How can I do this? Many thanks in advance!

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theData = {"586"=>{"status"=>"0"}, "585"=>{"status"=>"0"}}
theData.each{|k, v| theData[k]["current_editor"] = 3}
#=> {"586"=>{"status"=>"0", "current_editor"=>3}, 
#=>  "585"=>{"status"=>"0", "current_editor"=>3}} 
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Better: theData.each{ |k,h| h["current_editor"] = "3" } –  Phrogz Oct 3 '11 at 17:47

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