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I have tags for each id on page flinstones.php (tags can be in different orders)

$tag_array example:

id 123 = wilma, fred, bam bam, dinosaur
id 124 = dinosaur, bam bam, fred, wilma

var_dump($tags_array) returns this:

array(4) { 

    [0]=> string(5) "wilma"

    [1]=> string(4) "fred"

    [2]=> string(7) "bam bam"

    [3]=> string(8) "dinosaur"


Now everything is as it should be. I'm using the first tag in a link parameter like so:
<a href="pandorum?tag=$tag1">$tag1</a>

Problem happens when I come back to this same page with a variable in the link.

Now my var_dump($tags_array) gives me this instead of all the values above.

array(1) {

    [0]=> string(4) "fred" 


This changes my $tag1 to fred instead of wilma for id 123 and fred instead of dinosaur for id 124.

Is there a way to call that original *first tag* for the id?

flinstones.php                                flinstones.php?tag=fred
id 123 = *wilma*, fred, bam bam, dinosaur     id 123 = fred (should be wilma)
id 124 = *dinosaur*, bam bam, fred, wilma     id 124 = fred (should be dinosaur)
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Uhh... what? So confused. – nachito Oct 3 '11 at 16:32
It's not clear what you want: pass those 4 elements inside a new http query string? – Marc B Oct 3 '11 at 16:32
About which variable are you speaking? Which one get's overwritten? It's not clear from the code you posted. – hakre Oct 3 '11 at 16:32
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Check if register_globals is enabled. If they are, then you are clobbering the GET variable with your local version (so use a different variable in your code).

Here is a link:

(I remember when they flipped the default from on to off -- it was a PITA to go back and fix code)

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I tried to use the tag id instead with the same results. I guess this may not be possible. thanks for input! – checkenginelight Oct 3 '11 at 20:58

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