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Here is the Input Specification
The program has to read t lines of inputs. Each line consist of 2 space separated values first one is the name and second is the age. An Example of Input

Mike 18
Kevin 35
Angel 56

How to read this kind of input in python? If i use raw_input(), both name and age are read in the same variable.

Update I am going to respecify the question. We already know how to read formatted input in python. Is there a way we can read formatted input in Python or not? If yes then how?

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First grab some Python tutorial. Then learn how to use split –  JBernardo Oct 3 '11 at 16:40

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the_string = raw_input()
name, age = the_string.split()
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If you have it in a string, you can use .split() to separate them.

>>> for string in ('Mike 18', 'Kevin 35', 'Angel 56'):
...   l = string.split()
...   print repr(l[0]), repr(int(l[1]))
'Mike' 18
'Kevin' 35
'Angel' 56
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