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wikipedia articles may have infobox tags. By the following call I can get the first section of an article which includes infobox.

What I want is a query which will return only infobox data. Is this possible?

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You can do it with a url call to the Wikipedia API like this:

Replace the titles= section with your page title, and format= to json if you do not want the xml format.

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Instead of parsing infoboxes yourself, which is quite complicated, take a look at DBPedia, which has Wikipedia infoboxes extracted out as database objects.

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brilliant tip! thanks! Dont reinvent the wheel by parsing by your self the wikimedia api. – ArisRe82 Dec 27 '13 at 15:34
This, however, will give you all the relationships to a particular entity but won't tell you which fields exist in the infobox – MFARID Mar 23 at 17:22

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