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Just wondering if this this possible? I realise you could never use it to display recommendations on a page but it would be useful from an analytics point of view to see for example what other products user's who've looked at product x have also looked at.

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You can use Advanced Segmentation to do this.

Advanced Segments slice Google Analytics data on the basis of sessions. Sessions are a collection of pageviews that correspond to the popular notion of a visit.

If you create an Advanced Segment for users who visited /product/x/, it will return data from all the sessions in which that page was viewed. (Similarly, you could create a segment for /product/x AND /product/y. From there, you could filter it to only include your product pages, and exclude the original products themselves.) As a result, this session-based querying is perfect for your use case.

So, yes, you could use Google Analytics API data to inform a simple recommendations engine. The only caveat I'd give is that the Google Analytics API is a little slow, so you'd want to cache the data locally in your app, rather than querying it directly on every pageload.

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Thanks for the answer, I'll definitely have a read up on that. –  pogo Oct 5 '11 at 10:18
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