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I need to draw rotated image data on canvas. (This is an gwt project and context is instance of com.google.gwt.canvas.dom.client.Context2d)

I trying to use following code for that:

context.putImageData(data, x, y);

but it draw not rotated image. If I change code like this

context.fillRect(x, y, 100, 50);

than rotated rectangle will be drawn on canvas. Is it a API bug, or my falt? What can I do to correct it?

Edited I try to use drawImage() with some other image instead putImageDate() to test how it works. It works with rotation fine. But I need to draw ImageData than I take form other canvas. Is it any fast methods to translate ImageData to ImageElement? In what units ImageData returns its size?

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Well, its your fault. putImageData is not affected by the transformation matrix.

This is by the Spec's orders:

The current path, transformation matrix, shadow attributes, global alpha, the clipping region, and global composition operator must not affect the getImageData() and putImageData() methods.

What you can do is putImageData to an in-memory canvas, and then

context.drawImage(inMemoryCanvas, x, y)

onto your regular canvas.

NOTE: from your edit you seem to imply that you might just be drawing from one canvas to another without changing any of the imagedata. If this is the case, definitely just use drawImage(othercanvas, x, y) instead of using getImageData and putImageData if possible. Using drawImage is far faster.

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You are right. I do all manipulation in temp canvas and then put that in the correct place on original canvas. Thank for your answer, it helps me a lot. – hatesms Oct 3 '11 at 19:17

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