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I am capturing JPEG images from an IP-camera over RTSP. I use live555 + libavcodec for streaming and decoding the MJPEG image. The stream works fine up to the image resolution 2048 x 1920. But when I increase the image width above 2048, I get a bar-shaped rectangular image of very small width (i.e., 544x1920). The image is correctly captured and saved on the camera. The problem occurs only when I stream the image over RTSP to the PC. Is there any payload restriction in RTP for high-resolution MJPEG?

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Please read at the bottom of page 4. There, it is written that the maximum width of an image is 2040. A workaround is made possible with the ONVIF standard.

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This is the correct answer to the question. I wonder why it hasn't been accepted ... – noamik Nov 5 '13 at 15:36

More likely, either decoder incorrectly decodes the image, or RTP client incorrectly reconstructs it. 2048 pixels is not a limit for JPEG (obviously) and RTP client does not deal a lot with parsing the bitstream, so resolution is not so important there (also the process reaches decoded image and does not fail completely on the way!).

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