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Does anyone have any tips how I can generate AutoCAD drawings with Java? Is dfx a good interface or should we go for dwg files?

I can't find any useful information on this on the net. The Open Design Alliance have libraries for generating dwg, but I can't look at the API without becoming a member. And they don't seem to have a java interface either.

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If you don't have to generate dwg, and you can represent what you want in dxf then I suggest going with dxf. It is fairly easy to write dxf manually from java without the need for an expensive library.

Unlike dwg which is the native application format of AutoCad, DXF is an interchange format, and as such Autodesk encourages you to use it. They publish the specifications here.


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+1 DXF is much more accessible and supports most of the AutoCAD objects you're likely to use. –  CAD bloke Oct 4 '11 at 23:58

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