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I cant find how to decode string encoded in sha1. I'm suprised that i can't find simple function in python docs or google doing sha1 decoding. I give up. I need help..

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You didn't try very hard. If your first search attempt doesn't work, try other variations. For example, see what comes up first when you google "python sha1". Then look at the "deprecated" warning and read the docs for the recommended module instead. I normally wouldn't post a comment saying "just google it", but since you went part way and gave up, I'm just giving you encouragement to try again. You can find it. –  Todd Oct 3 '11 at 20:06
And now that I gave it another moment of thought, I realize you can't decode it. These types of things are one-way hashes. –  Todd Oct 3 '11 at 20:11

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SHA1 is a hashing algorithm. Hashing is one-way, which means that you can't recover the input from the output [for any non-trivial hash function].

This picture demonstrates what hashing is, somewhat:

enter image description here

As you can see, both John Smith and Sandra Dee are mapped to 02. This means that you can't recover which name was hashed given only 02.

Hashing is used basically due to this principle:

If hash(A) == hash(B), then there's a really good chance that A == B. Hashing maps large data sets (like a whole database) to a tiny output, like a 10-character string. If you move the database and the hash of both the input and the output are the same, then you can be pretty sure that the database is intact.

That can be seen in the image. The long names are mapped to 2-digit numbers.

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