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in order to make things easy to undertand i'm providing the code: http://jsbin.com/otaruq

what we have here is a data set like this: (look the source for more)

 "label": "scott",
    "data": [[1317427200000, "17017"], [1317513600000, "77260"]]

where the first value is a date in UTC format and second should be score.

now, what i'm trying to do is to have for each date in the y axis the bars representing the score side by side, like below:

   3 | #                          # 
   2 | # #         #   #          # #
   1 | # # #       # # #        # # #
   0 |_________________________________
     1 oct         2 oct        3 oct

instead now as you can see the bars are staked each one over the other.

any help would be really appreaciated, thank's

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better solution - stackoverflow.com/questions/21209473/… –  Nilesh Patil Apr 29 '14 at 19:02

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The easiest way to do this would be to manually jitter your x values. I found that 50,0000 milliseconds is a good jitter for your bar width.

See details here: http://jsfiddle.net/DaG5W/

It produces:

enter image description here

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nice one, i have switched to another js framework now, but i think this would be usefull trick for anyone with the same problem, since before your answer the only way i found was to use a modified flot version code.google.com/p/flot/issues/detail?id=159. –  Julie Rokk Nov 5 '11 at 23:06
@JulieRokk I have the same issue, which framework do you use now? –  Jepser Bernardino Nov 13 '12 at 2:38

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