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I am writing a script that will run every 20 minutes that looks for files to download but I want to check if I have already dowloaded the file: First my code executes this command:

cursor.execute("SELECT `file_id` FROM `reports`")
file_ids = list(cursor.fetchall())

file_ids is a longer version of this:

[('735724',), ('734791',), ('735934',), ('735486',)]

I wrote this function to check if I had already downloaded the file:

def new_file(file):
    file = "('%s',)" % (file)
    if (file in file_ids):
        print "true"
        print "false"   

When I try to to test the function:

file = "735724"

It prints false consistently.

What am I doing wrong?

I know that I could run a MySQL statement for each fileid to see if I have the file already but since there are thousands of files to check I assumed doing this would be faster. If I am wrong on that please feel free to correct me.

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change file = "('%s',)" % (file) to file = (file,) and your code will work as written. –  Steven Rumbalski Oct 3 '11 at 20:14

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The results from the database is not a string, it's a list of tuples. What you probably want to do is build a list with just the ids, then check if that numeric value is in the list. For example:

file_ids = [row[0] for row in cursor.fetchall()]
is_in_list = test_id in file_ids
if is_in_list:
    print "true"
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Possible performance improvement: file_ids = set(row[0] for row in cursor.fetchall()). This speeds the membership test. –  Steven Rumbalski Oct 3 '11 at 20:18
jimstandard could also rewrite the query so it would just pull what he needs. WHERE FILE_ID NOT IN ('735724','735728') etc. Or write retrieved file_ids in a dedicated table. –  Steven Rumbalski Oct 3 '11 at 20:21

you do not need to convert everything to string. try:

def new_file(file):
  return (file, ) not in file_ids
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