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I have to reproduce this wireframe:

You see the narrow div that has a blue and black background and on the right side has the words "store | support | search"

Is it possible to reproduce that background in css? Or do I need an image for this? Also, any way to tell what exactly is the html code for that blue?


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That's an image. Open up MS Paint, draw a blue box, and then spray paint over it with the other shade of blue. – Blender Oct 3 '11 at 20:18

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The background on that page looks like an repeat-x of an image. You'll probably need to do something like that.

Update: You could use a .png for the "noise" and set the background color like so:

    background-color: #0000FF; /* whatever you want to set the color to */
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would it be an x-repeat of some image with that color scheme? – Genadinik Oct 3 '11 at 20:19
You could have a png (or some image with a transparent background) with the "noise" and then set the background-color underneath it. This would be if you wanted to be able to change the underlying color. – CAbbott Oct 3 '11 at 20:21

O_O no... you can't reproduce that kind of random noise background in CSS. You have to use an image. For the color, take a screenshot and open it in GIMP/MS Paint/Photoshop/most any other image editing tool and use the eyedropper to pick out the color. The value you want is the 6 character long one like #FED2E6 or whatever.

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It won't be possible to create such a complicated pattern in CSS alone, you'll need to use an image.

It's a bit tricky to know what you mean by the 'blue' colour in the image as there are probably quite a few different shades of blue in there. If you've got access to a copy of Photoshop open the PDF up and use the colour picker to get the blue you want.

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Is it possible to reproduce that background in css?

It could possibly be a CSS3 pattern. Here are some nifty examples. But as others have said, there's a lot of random noise in that background, so it's most likely an image.

Also, any way to tell what exactly is the html code for that blue?

Yes, if you have a program like Photoshop or Gimp, you can use a color picker to get the hex code of any pixel you want.

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