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I have searched a lot how to use tiles with Struts2, but none of the found tutorials worked or was usable. Is there a working documentation where I can find which libs to put where and which configuration must be done in web.xml, tiles.xml and so on? I'm using Struts 2.2.1. Thank you!

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AFAIK there's no change in the Tiles plugin between S2.1 => S2.2. Don't know which version of Tiles you're using, so more difficult to help on that front. Note also that the showcase shipped with S2 includes a Tiles example, although since it's a showcase, it's a little buried.

IMO if you're doing dependency management "by hand" odds are you're doing it wrong--it's really not worth it.

If you have a specific question, ask a follow-up question.

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Downvotes with no explanation are dumb. Both the showcase and linked tutorial work, so what's the issue? – Dave Newton Mar 30 '12 at 11:47

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